The Texas Star Bracelets *TM

***Please Read All THE INFORMATION BELOW. All Bracelets Are Made To Order, Please choose the Right Wrist Size, it will save us time and you money (Mailing Chargers & Restocking Fee) if we get it right the first time. ** An Average Ladies Wrist Size Is 6 1/2" inches. Larger Women will have a Wrist Size between 7" and 7 1/2" Petite Women with a smaller wrist would be 6" or 6 1/4" inches. Please Follow the Directions Below. I am a Large man 250 lbs. My wrist is 6 3/4", I wear a 7" Bracelet.

BRACELETS: Using a soft tape measure, wrap the tape snugly around the wrist bone. Please Don't guess The Size ! We need the exact measurement. We will add 1/4" inch for the right fit. (If between sizes, go the the next size up)

**** PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to use PAY PAL when you are checking out. You can use your Credit Card. If you have a Paypal Account,it will recognize your e-mail address and want you to use it, But just below that, Click Continue without logging in, and it will take your Credit Card Payment.

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